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!faeries rule!
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50 NP - Every Forty Minutes Wheel of Mediocrity

100 NP/Ticket Neopian Lottery

100 NP - Every Two Hours Wheel of Misfortune

100 NP - Every Twenty-Four Hours Wheel of Monotony

100 NP - Every Six Hours Test Your Strength

100 NP/Throw Coconut Shy

100 NP/Pull Lever of Doom

150 NP - Every Two Hours Wheel of Excitement

250 NP/Drop Bagatelle

300 NP - Every Three Hours Buried Treasure

400 NP Pick Your Own

500 NP - Every Four Hours Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk

500 NP - Every Twenty-Four Hours Wheel of Knowledge

600 NP - Every Six Hours Winter Scratchcard Kiosk

1,200 NP - Every Two Hours Spooky Scratchcard Kiosk

1,500 NP Maximum Bet, 3x/day Turdle Racing


Snow Faerie

Kitchen Quests

Brain Tree


Edna the Witch

Illusen's Glade

Jhudora's Cloud

hello this is the home of the !faeries rule! guild on neopets