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!faeries rule!
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this is where there is loads of cheats

(A)*attack of the slorgs-no html comments-morrow-exrta life*
(C)*carnival of terror-no html comments-custard-more time* (D)*destruct-o-matchII-no html comments-boohooiwanttheoldgameback-u can play first version,type in on select screen*dubloon distaster-no html comments-scallywags-creates whilpool*
(F)*faerie bubbles-no html comments-slumberberry-gets rid or blocks*faerie bubbles-no html comments-stardust-turns curretn bubble to supernova*faerie bubbles-no html comments-faerieland-no html comments-turns current bubble to rainbow bubble*frumball-no html comments-frumball-no html comments-gives u an extra life* frumball-no html comments-kougra-no html comments-skips a level*
(G) *gourmet club bowlers-no html comments-superbowl-skips a level* *gourmet club bowlers-no html comments-shepard-no html comments-doubles current score* *grand theft ummagine-no html comments-ummaginethief-skips a level, but resets score*
(H) *hasee bounce-no html comments-doughnutfruit-resets time once per game*
(J)*jelly blobs of doom-no html comments-fishnegg-creates a 50 point fishnegg* jelly blobs of doom-no html comments-rainbownegg-no html comments-creates a 20point rainbownegg*
(K) *korbats lab-no html comments-spiderbite-extra life* kreludor mining corp.-no html comments-kreludor-extra life* (L)
(m)* meepit juice break-no html comments-hungrymeepits-extra life* meepit juice break-no html comments-juice-o-matic-resets timer* meriball-no html comments-kougra-skips level but resets score* mynci beach vollyball-no html comments-dirigibles-no html comments- makes a blimp fly across the sky* mynci beack vollyball-no html comments-turdle- creats a a turdle on the other side*
(S)*sutek's tomb-no html comments-pryamidbread-shows you an available move* suket's tomb-no html comments-plzsutekcanihavemoretime-30 sec bonus*
(T) *the castle of eliv thade-no html comments-retaxtint-no html comments-extra hint*
(V) *volcano run-no html comments-lava- gives shield*
(W) *warf rescue-no html comments- treppedkadoafies- extra life* *whack-a-staff memeber-no html comments-a5paragu5-bigger mallet*

hello this is the home of the !faeries rule! guild on neopets