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!faeries rule!
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to do's

this is all the free stuff you can do on neopets


Coltzan's Shrine

Fruit Machine

Giant Omelette

Giant Jelly

Guess the Weight

Every Thirty Minutes Healing Springs

For Interest Neopian National Bank

Rubbish Dump

Wise Old King

Grumpy Old King


Snowager 6am-7am NST 2pm-3pm NST 10pm-11pm NST

Turmaculus Can be awakened during a random hour every day. He might eat your Petpet.


Symol Hole May change your Petpet.

Deadly Dice 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM NST Your Neopet might lose 1 or more levels.

Lab Ray May drastically alter your Neopet.

Faerieland Employment Agency

Stock Market


Shop Till

hello this is the home of the !faeries rule! guild on neopets